GUJCET Previous Year Question Papers 2006-2022 Solved

GUJCET Model Question Papers: Gujarat Common Entrance Test Previous Question Papers are available here For the Candidates to crack the exam easily. Here the Aspirants can get various model Papers for the GUJCET Exam in a PDF Format which is very useful to download the Question papers easily. And there is no need to pay for the Exam Papers it is absolutely free for the Candidates. We Collected the Sample Question papers Form the Official website of GUJCET. By practicing old Question Papers candidates can get the ability to answer those questions which are difficult in a Simple Manner. Dear Aspirants, who are searching for GUJCET question papers for practice purposes can refer to the Gujarat Common Entrance Test Sample Question Papers sites.

GUJCET Question Papers 2022  PDF

Organization NameGujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board
Type Of TestState Level Entrance Test
Name Of The ExaminationGujarat Common Entrance Test (GUJCET)
CategoryPrevious Papers
Official Website

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LanguageEnglish, Hindi, and Gujarati
Period of Exam3 hours
Type of QuestionsObjective Multiple Choice Questions
Marking SchemeThe admission committee allotted the specified marks for each correct answer.
Negative Marking0.25 marks were deducted for each wrong response.


Name of the SubjectNumber Of MarksDuration Of the Test
Physics403 Hours (180 Minutes)

Download GUJCET Physics & Chemistry Previous Papers PDF Here

Dear Candidates, Gujarat Common Entrance Test (GUJCET ) Previous papers are uploaded here for free download. Gujarat Common Entrance Test and Model question papers are available here. Provides Practice Papers for GUJCET Exam. Aspirants who applied for the GUJCET Jobs have started their Exam preparation for the Written Test which is going to organize by the Gujarat Common Entrance Test. All those applicants who may attend to GUJCET Exam can check the GUJCET question Papers PDF. Here we update the GUJCET Previous papers with answers. Here we also provided GUJCET, syllabus 2022. So before going to begin the preparation, once check the Provided GUJCET Syllabus.

1) (July 2018)-01(Guj F.L)Gujarati( 10th Guj MED)
2) (July 2018)-04(English F.L) English( 10th ENG MED)
3) (July 2018)-10Social Science( 10th ENG MED )
4) (July 2018)-10Social Science( 10th Guj MED)
5) (July 2018)-10Social Science( 10th Hindi MED)
6) (July 2018)-11(E)Sc. & Tech NCERT OTHER( 10th)
7) (July 2018)-11(E)Sc. & Tech. NCERT SRT( 10th )
8) (July 2018)-11Sc & Tech( 10th Hindi MED)
9) (July 2018)-11Sc & Tech. ( 10th Guj MED )
10) (July 2018)-11Sc. & Tech( 10th ENG MED)
11) (July 2018)-12(E)Maths NCERT Other( 10th)
12) (July 2018)-12(E)Maths NCESRT SRT( 10th)
13) (July 2018)-12Maths( 10th ENG MED)
14) (July 2018)-12Maths( 10th Guj MED)
15) (July 2018) -12Maths (10th Hindi MED)
16) (July 2018) -13 (Gujarati SL) Gujarati New Course (10th ENG MED)
17) (July 2018) -14 (Hindi SL) HINDI ( 10th Guj MED)
18) (July 2018) -16 (ENGLISH SL) ENGLISH (10th Guj MED)
19) (July 2018) -17SANSKRIT (10th Guj MED)
20) (MAR-2017) -4 English FL-English (10th Eng Med)
21) (MAR-2017) -01 (Guj FL) Gujrati (10th Guj Med)
22) (MAR-2017) -10 Social Science (10th Eng Med)
23) (MAR-2017) -10Social Science (10th Guj Med)
24) (MAR-2017) -11 Sc. & Tech. (10th Eng Med)
25) (MAR-2017) -11Sc. & Tech. (10th Guj Med)
26) (MAR-2017) -12 Maths (10th Eng Med)
27) (MAR-2017) -12Maths (10th Guj Med)
28) (MAR-2017) -13 (Guj SL) Gujarati (10th Eng Med)
29 (MAR-2017) -14 (Hindi SL) Hindi (10th Guj Med)
30) (MAR-2017) -15 (Sindhi-Arebic) (SL) Sindhi (10th)
31) (MAR-2017) -15 ( Sindhi-Devnagri) (SL) Sindhi (10th)
32) (MAR-2017) -16 (English SL) English (10th Guj Med)
33) (MAR-2017) -17 Sanskrit (10th Eng Med)
34) (MAR-2017) 2017) -17Sanskrit (10th Guj Med)
35) (MAR-2017) -19 Persian (10th Guj Med)
36) (MAR-2017) -19 Persian (10th Guj Med)
37) (MAR-2017) -2 (Hindi FL) Hindi (10th Hindi Med)
38) (MAR-2017) -20 Arabic (10th Guj Med)
39) (MAR-2017) -20 Arabic (10th Eng Med)
40) (MAR-2017) -21Urdu (10th Guj Med)
41) (MAR-2017) -3 (Marathi FL) Marathi (10th)
42) (MAR-2017) -5 (Urdu FL) Urdu (10th)
43) (MAR-2017) -6 (Sindhi-Arebic) (FL) Sindhi (10th)
44) (MAR-2017)-6(Sindhi-Devnagri)(F.L)Sindhi(10th)
45) (MAR-2017)-7(TAMIL F.L)Tamil(10th)
46) (MAR-2017)-8(Telugu F.L)Telugu(10th)
47) (MAR-2017)-9(Oriya F.L)Oriya(10th)
48) (MAR-2018)-01(Guj F.L)Gujarati New Course( 10th GUJ MED)
49) (MAR-2018)-02(Hindi F.L)Hindi New Course( 10th Hindi MED)
50) (MAR-2018)-03(Marathi F.L)Marathi New Course( 10th)
51) (MAR-2018)-04(English F.L) English New Course( 10th ENG MED)
52) (MAR-2018)-04(English F.L)(English)NCERT-Others( 10th)
53) (MAR-2018)-04(English F.L)EnglishNCERT SRT( 10th MAR-2018)
54) (MAR-2018)-05(Urdu F.L)Urdu New Course( 10th)
55) (MAR-2018)-06(Sindhi-Arabic)(F.L)Sindhi New Course( 10th)
56) (MAR-2018)-06(Sindhi-Devnagri)(F.L)Sindhi New Course( 10th)
57) (MAR-2018)-07(Tamil F.L)TAMIL( 10th)
58) (MAR-2018)-08(Telugu F.L)Telugu( 10th)
59) (MAR-2018)-09(Oriya F.L)Oriya ( 10th)
60) (MAR-2018)-10Social Science New Course( 10th ENG MED)
61) (MAR-2018)-10Social Science New Course( 10th GUJ MED)
62) (MAR-2018)-10Social Science New Course( 10th Hindi MED)
63) (MAR-2018)-11 Sc. & Tech-NCERT SRT( 10th)
64) (MAR-2018)-11Sc. & Tech( 10th GUJ MED)
65) (MAR-2018)-11Sc. & Tech( 10th Hindi MED)
66) (MAR-2018)-11Sc. & TechNCERT-Others( 10th)
67) (MAR-2018)-11Sc. &Tech( 10th ENG MED)
68) (MAR-2018)-12 Maths-NCERT-SRT( 10th)
69) (MAR-2018)-12Maths ( 10th ENG MED)
70) (MAR-2018) -12Maths NCERT-OTHERS (10th)
71) (MAR-2018) -12Maths (10th GUJ MED)
72) (MAR-2018) -12Maths (10th Hindi MED)
73) (MAR-2018) -13 (Gujarati SL) Gujarati New Course (10th ENG MED)
74) (MAR-2018) -14 (Hindi SL) Hindi New Course (10th GUJ MED)
75) (MAR-2018) -15 (Sindhi-Arabic) ( SL) Sindhi (10th)
76) (MAR-2018) -15- (Sindhi-Devnagri) (SL) Sindhi (10th)
77) (MAR-2018) -16 (English SL) EnglishNew Course (10th GUJ MED)
78) (MAR-2018) -17Sanskrit (10th GUJ MED)
79) Second Unit Test Question Papers-2020 (Gujarati First Language and Second Language)
80) Second Unit Test Question Papers-2020 (Science)
81) Unit Test Question Papers-2020 (Social Science)
82) Unit Test Question Papers-2020 (Mathematics)
83) Unit Test Question Papers-2020
84) Diagnostic Test Question Papers-01 (Social Science) GHE
85) Diagnostic Test Question Papers-01 (Science) GHE
86) Diagnostic Test Question Papers-01 (Mathematics) GHE

GUJCET Question Papers PDF – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Exam Pattern for GUJCET Exam?

The Detailed GUJCET Exam Pattern is available @

What are the Subjects involved in GUJCET Syllabus?

Physics Chemistry Mathematics Biology

How Many Questions will be asked in GUJCET Exam 2022?

A Total of 160 Questions will be asked in GUJCET Exam

For How Many Marks the GUJCET Exam will be conducted?

The GUJCET Exam will be Conducted for 160 Marks

Where can I get the GUJCET Syllabus PDF?

The GUJCET Syllabus PDF is available @
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