APES Panel Year 2016-17 – Supplementary Panel for Promotion of D.E.O./Dy.Director

APES G.O.MS.No. 66

APES – Supplementary Panel for promotion to the category of  D.E.O./Dy.Director  under Category 1 of Class II of APES for the panel year 2016-17 – Approved – Orders – Issued.


The Screening Committee, chaired by Special Chief Secretary to Government, G.A.D., which met on 29.08.2017, after going through the ACRs, relevant records and other material papers relating to the Dy.Educational Officers; Assistant Directors; Lecturers, IASE/SCERT/CTE and Sr.Lecturer, DIET in the seniority lists and after making overall assessment of their service record and work done, has considered and made recommendations for inclusion of names in the supplementary panel fit for promotion to the post of District Educational Officer / Deputy Director, in continuation of the panel drawn on 21.08.2017. The Screening Committee recommended that the following names be included in the supplementary panel for temporary promotion to the category of District Educational Officer / Deputy Director for the panel year 2016-17 :




Name S/Sri/SmtCategoryCycle PointRoster Point
2M.V.Rajya LakshmiSenior Lecturer in DIET5SC(W) RP-22
3A.Veereshwara RaoAsst.Director6RP-23
4V.Parvathi DeviLecturer in CTE/IASE/SCERT7RP-24
5P.SailajaDy.EO8ST RP-25
6Kusuma Chandrakala(SC)Senior Lecturer in DIET9


wRPw-26  .
7Pilli RameshDy.EO1SC RP-27
8M.Prabhakara RaoAssistant Director2RP-28
9K.Panduranga Swamy (SC)Lecturer in CTE/IASE/SCERT3RP-29
10Tahera SultanaDy.EO4RP-30
11H.M.VanajakshiSenior Lecturer in DIET5RP-31Included in the panel but promotion should be deferred until

termination of disciplinary cases.


13G.Narasimha ReddyLecturer in CTE/IASE/SCERT7ST RP-33






15Naligala Raghu KumarSenior Lecturer in DIET9RP-35Included in the panel but promotion should be deferred until

termination of disciplinary cases.

16G.Nagamani (ST)Dy.EO1RP-36


Download AP GO No. 66 – APES Supplementary Panel For Promotion


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