Telangana Police Constable (Communications) Syllabus 2018 – Download Telangana Communication Constable Exam Pattern PDF

SCT Police Constable (Communication) Syllabus & Exam Pattern – Download PDF

  1. Electrical : Characteristic and Application of conductors, Insulators, Semiconductors; Construction of carbon, wire wound (linier logarithmic) resistors, thermistors potentio meters; Kircheff’s law, Ohms Law; principle of construction and special feature of simple meter, Moving iron/Moving coil meter, VTVM, Universal meter, Ohm meter and Ammeter; alternating current, A.C induced voltage, current; Faraday’s principle; lenses law of self induction; A.C generators and Fleming three finger rule, Frequency peak, average R.M.S values; Function and application of vibrators;


  1. Electronics & Radio: Characteristics and Application of inductance in a tuned circuit; Coil- Concept of reactance, phase, power factor, Inductance and co-efficient of coupling; series and parallel connection of capacitor in A.C circuits, different types of capacitors and their application, basic elements of resonance circuit, parallel L.C circuit, Anti resonance circuit, tuning and current gain, construction of Transistors, Bi-polar junction devises, PNP & NPN transistors and dynamic curves, principle of FET transistors, uses of diodes as rectifiers, Half wave and Full wave rectifier circuit, Bridge rectifiers, effect of ripples, uses of filters, carrier modulation (AM and FM) Single side band, Band width, Fidelity and quality construction in the receiver, detectors, discriminators, Range of Audio and quality construction in the receiver, detectors, discriminators, Range of Audio Frequency, Necessity for amplifications like Class ‘A’ ‘B’ and ‘C’ , push-pull voltage amplifier, principle of superhydrodyne receiver, frequency conversion, I.F amplification, Principle of Magnetic sound recording, magnetic tapes, magnetic heads erasing head, Television principles, Construction and working principle of Picture tube Deflection camera tube, basic T.V. System scanning synchronization composite video


  1. Basics of Computers: MS-Office (MS-word, EXCEL, and Powerpoint): Fundamentals of Computer Architecture, Motherboard, and peripherals, accessories, MS-DOS, Windows operating systems, PC assembly and software installation, networking & LAN, basics of


  1. Telephone System: Basics of PSTN telephone network, Telephone instruments, EPABX, FAX, Internet telephony, GSM and CDMA phone

Download TS Communication Constable Syllabus PDF

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