TS EdCET Syllabus 2023 PDF (Latest) Study Material, Preparation Books

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TS EdCET Syllabus 2023 PDF | Telangana ED CET (B.Ed) Exam Pattern – Download PDF

TS EdCET Syllabus 2023 is available here. Telangana Education Common Entrance Test B.Ed Syllabus & Exam Pattern had given here on our website for free download. Candidates who are applied for TS EdCET B.Ed Exam have started their Exam preparation for the Written Test must download the pdf of the TS EdCET B.Ed Exam Syllabus and Exam Pattern Pdf for free download. All those applicants can check the TS EdCET Syllabus and can download it. Here, we are providing the TS EdCET B.Ed Previous papers along with solutions. Click the below links to download the TS EdCETL B.Ed Previous Papers, Syllabus, and Exam Pattern. Get TS EdCET Syllabus 2023 and Exam Pattern Pdf for free download.

TS EdCET Syllabus 2023 PDF

Name Of The University Osmania University, Hyderabad
Name of The Exam TS Education Common Entrance Test (TS EdCET)
Category Education Entrance Exams Syllabus
Official Website tsche.ac.in


Telangana EdCET B.Ed Syllabus 2023 | Exam Pattern

Candidates who are applying for Telangana Education Common Entrance Test TS EdCET B.Ed Exam can get the syllabus from here. Exam Syllabus Plays a Crucial Role in exam preparation. Without having the knowledge of the TS EdCET Syllabus 2023 Exam, individuals cannot clearly present in the written examination. Therefore, candidates to qualify for the examination to know the in-depth TS EdCET Syllabus 2023 through this article. In this section, we provide the topic Wise Syllabus for Telangana Education Common Entrance Test B.Ed Syllabus 2023. Also, begin your preparation now as there is a huge TS EdCET B.Ed Exam 2023 Syllabus to cover for the exam. Also, access the previous papers for TS EdCETL Examination from our site for your preparation.

TS EdCET Exam Pattern 2023

The Exam pattern of the TS EdCET B.Ed Exam has clearly mentioned on our website. The Telangana Education Common Entrance Test B.Ed Exam Paper has an objective type question of Different Sections like General Aptitude and Reasoning, General English, Numerical Aptitude, and General Knowledge. Candidates who going to attend Exam can download the TS EdCET B.Ed Test Pattern and Syllabus on this page.

TS EDCET Exam Pattern 2023

 S.No  Parts  Subjects  No. of Questions  Maximum Marks
 1. Part A  General English 25 25
 2. Part B  1. General Knowledge 15 15
 2. Teaching Aptitude 10 10
3. Part C 1. Mathematics 100 100
 2. Physical Sciences 100 100
     (i) Physics 50 50
     (ii) Chemistry 50 50
3. Biological Sciences 100 100
     (i) Botany 50 50
     (ii) Zoology 50 50
4. Social Studies 100 100
     (i) Geography 35 35
     (ii) History 30 30
     (iii) Civics 15 15
     (iv) Economics 20 20
5. English 100 100

Download TS EdCET Syllabus 2023 PDF Here

The TS EdCET Syllabus is provided for the candidates preparing for Exam. Candidates, those who have applied for TS EdCET Recruitment can use this syllabus helps you to give your best in the Telangana Education Common Entrance Test Exam. The TS EdCET Syllabus topics mentioned below.

look at the syllabus below.

  • General English
  • General knowledge
  • Teaching Aptitude
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Sciences
  • Biological Sciences
  • Social Studies

TSEDCET Syllabus 2023 – Topic-Wise Details

General English

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Correction of Sentences, Articles, Prepositions, Tenses, Spelling, Voice
  • Vocabulary, Synonyms, Antonyms.
  • Transformation of Sentences – Simple, Compound and Complex. Direct Speech and Indirect Speech.

General knowledge and Teaching Aptitude

  • Books and Authors
  • Currencies
  • Inventions and discoveries
  • Music
  • World organizations
  • Statistical data of the World
  • Fashion Events
  • Earth
  • Sports
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Science
  • Biological Sciences
  • Social Studies
  • Famous personalities
  • Animals
  • Languages
  • Dances
  • Disasters
  • Prizes and Awards
  • Solar System
  • Natural Calamities


  • Differential Equations
  • Solid Geometry
  • Groups And Rings
  • Real Analysis
  • Linear Algebra
  • Multiple Integrals And Vector Calculus

Physical Sciences

Vector Analysis Atomic Structure and Elementary Quantum Mechanics
Mechanics of particles Chemical Bonding
Mechanics of Rigid bodies Periodic properties
Central forces s-block and p-block elements
Fundamentals of vibrations d – block elements
Damped and forced oscillations f- block elements
Vibrating strings Metals
Kinetic theory of gases Co-ordination compounds
Thermodynamics Stereochemistry of carbon compounds
Quantum theory of Radiation Structural theory in Organic Chemistry
Statistical thermodynamics Acyclic Hydrocarbons
Interference Benzene and its reactivity
Diffraction Areness and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons
Polarization and double effraction Heterocyclic Compounds
Lasers fiber optics and Holography Carbohydrates
Electrostatics Amino acids and proteins
Dielectrics Gaseous state
Capacitance Liquid state
Magnetostatics Solid state
Moving charge in electric and magnetic fields Dilute Solutions and Colligative properties
Electromagnetic induction Colloids and Surface Chemistry
Varying and alternating currents Solutions
Maxwell’s equations and electromagnetic wave Chemical Kinetics
Basic Electronics Thermodynamics
Digital Principles
Quantum Mechanics
Nuclear Physics
Solid State Physics

Biological Sciences

Branches of Botany Protozoa to Annelida
Classification of Plant Kingdom Arthropoda to Hemichordata
Microbiology Cell Biology
Cell Biology Biomolecules of the cell
Tissue organization and growth Protochordata to Amphibia
Physiology Reptilia to Mammalia
Plant reproduction Embryology
Plant resources and their utilization Ecology and Zoogeography
Plants and Environment Physiology of Digestion
Physiology of respiration
Physiology of Circulation
Physiology of Excretion
Physiology of muscle contraction
Physiology of nerve impulse
Physiology of Endocrine system
Physiology of Homeostasis

History Civics Geography Economics English Methodology
History of India up to 1526 A.D. Political Science – Concepts and Theories Principles of Physical Geography Micro-Macro, Static-Dynamic, Normative and Positive Economics Language Skills
History of India (1526-1950 A.D.) Public Administration – Concepts and Theories Social and Economic Geography Concepts of National Income, Consumption, Investment, Business Cycles Language and Literature
History of Modern World (1453 -1945 A.D) Indian Government and Politics Regional Geography of India Methods of Credit control. Forms of poetry: evolution, kinds, and variations
Public Administration in India Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Types of unemployment – Element of Drama
Challenges facing our country Importance of Agriculture in the Indian Economy Elements of Fiction
United Nations and India’s role Economic Reforms, Liberalization, Globalization and Privatization

Click Here to Download TS EdCET 2023 Syllabus PDF

TS EdCET Syllabus – Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is TS EdCET Syllabus 2023?

1. General Knowledge 2. Teaching Aptitude, 1. Mathematics 2. Physical Sciences, 3. Biological Sciences, 4. Social Studies, 5. English

What is the Exam Pattern for TS EdCET Exam 2023?

The Detailed TS EdCETExam Pattern 2023 is available @ Questionpapersonline.com

Where Can I Get the TS EdCET Syllabus PDF?

The TS EdCET Syllabus PDF available @ tsche.ac.in

What is the Total Marks for TS EdCET Exam?

The TS EdCET will be Conducted for 550 Marks

How many Questions will be asked in the TS EdCET Exam ?

A Total of 550 Questions will be asked in the TS EdCET Exam

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