WBPSC Audit and Accounts Service Syllabus (PDF) Prelims, Mains Exam Pattern Download

WBPSC Audit and Accounts Syllabus 2022 PDF Download: Candidates Are you preparing for WBPSC Audit and Accounts Exam 2022 Then this article is for You……….! Here The WBPSC Audit and Accounts Syllabus 2022 And Exam Pattern are available in detail. So the Candidates, who had applied for West Bengal Audit and Accounts Jobs 2022 and Searching Online for WBPSC Audit and Accounts Syllabus 2022, will get complete information here. The West Bengal Public Service Commission had recently announced the WBPSC Audit and Accounts Exam 2022. So the Applicants who applied for WBPSC Audit and Accounts Exam must check this article. 

West Bengal Audit and Accounts Service Exam Syllabus 2022

Name of the Organization West Bengal Public Service Commission (WBPSC)
Name of the Exam West Bengal Audit and Accounts Service Exam
LocationWest Bengal
Official Websitewbpsc.gov.in
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WBPSC Audit & Accounts Service Exam Pattern 2022 PDF

Preliminary Examination Pattern

Group – A
1English Composition.50
2General Knowledge, Current Affairs of National & International Importance, History of India & Indian National Movement, Geography, Reasoning.40
3Constitution of India with special reference to NITI Aayog, (erstwhile Planning Commission), Finance Commission, Finance, Accounts & Audit.35
Group – B
1Business Mathematics & Statistics35
2Accountancy & Costing40

Main Examination Pattern

The Main Examination will be held in two parts viz.

(1) Written Examination and

(2) Personality Test.

1(a)Compulsory Papers (100 marks each paper) :A. English Essay, Precis Writing & Composition.

B. Bengali/Hindi/Urdu/Nepali/Santali Essay, Precis Writing &


C. General Knowledge & Current Affairs.

D. Business Mathematics & Statistics.

E. Auditing.

1(b)Optional Papers (100 marks for each paper) :

Candidates shall have to choose three (3) papers taking one from each group, viz. Group – A, Group – B & Group – C.

Group – A :

A 1: Macroeconomics & Public Finance.

A 2: Indian Financial System.

A 3 : Economic Principles & Indian Economic Problems.

Group – B:

B 1 : Business Regulatory Framework. B 2 : Cost & Management Accounting.

B 3 : Advanced Accountancy

Group – C :

C 1 : Business Management.

C 2 : Direct & Indirect Taxation.

C 3 : Information Technology & its application in Business.

Sub Total800
2Personality Test200

Download WBPSC Audit and Accounts Service Exam Syllabus 2022

The West Bengal Audit and Accounts Exam is quite tough to be Qualified and there will be a huge competition for the Examination. SO the Contenders should practice Hard. So, to help those candidates we are here with the Updated WBPSC Audit and Accounts Syllabus and Exam Structure.

Compulsory Paper – D Business Mathematics & Statistics

  • Ratio and Proportion with simple applications.
  • A.P., G.P., Convergence, and Divergence of G.P. series.
  • Permutations:- Definition, Factorial notation, Theorems on permutation, Permutations with repetitions, Restricted permutations.
  • Combinations:- Definition, Theorems on the combination, Basic identities, Restricted combinations.
  • Logarithm:- Definition, Base and index of the logarithm, General properties of the logarithm, Common problems.
  • Compound interest and Annuities:- Different types of interest rates; Concept of present value and amount of sum; Types of annuities; Present value and amount of an annuity including the case of continuous compounding; Valuation of simple loans and debentures; Problems relating to sinking funds.
  • Set Theory:- Definition of Set; Presentation of Sets; Different types of Sets-Null Set,
  • Finite and Infinite Sets, Universal Set, Subset, Power Set, etc.; Set Operations; Laws of Algebra of Sets.
  • Correlation and Regression:- Scatter diagram; simple correlation coefficient; Simple regression lines; Spearman’s rank correlation; Measures of association of attributes.
  • Index Numbers:- Means and types of index numbers; Problems in constructions of index numbers; Methods of construction of price and quantify indices; Tests of adequacy; Errors in index numbers; Chain-base index numbers; Base shifting, splicing, deflating; Consumer price index and its uses.
  • Interpolation:- Finite differences; Newton’s forward and backward interpolation formula; Lagrange’s interpolation formula.
  • Measures of Central Tendency:- Common measures of central tendency – mean, median, and mode; partition values-quartiles, deciles, percentiles.
  • Measures of dispersion:- Common measures of dispersion range, quartile deviation, mean deviation, and standard deviation; Measures of relative dispersion.

Compulsory Paper – E Auditing

  • Definition and Scope of Auditing.
  • Classification of Auditing.
  • Divisible Profits.
  • Divisible profits and Dividend-concept.
  • Treatment of Depreciation.
  • Reserve and Provision.
  • Auditor’s report and certificate.
  • Concept of True and Fair view-Materiality.

Group – A

Paper A1:- Macroeconomics & Public Finance

  • Macro Economics
  • Public Finance
  • Principles of Taxation and government expenditure-benefit approach.
  • The excess burden of taxes
  • Development of Federal Finance in India-The constitutional arrangements.
  • Finance Commissions.

Paper A2:- Indian Financial System

  • Financial system
  • Money and Indian banking System :
  • Capital Market
  • Interest Rate Structure
  • Money Market
  • Financial Services
  • Investors; Protection
  • Other Financial Institutions.

Paper A3:- Economic Principles and Indian Economic Problems

  • Introduction
  • Basics of Demand and Supply
  • Theory of Consumer Behaviour
  • Theory of Production
  • Theory of Cost
  • Market for Commodities
  • Factor Price Determination
  • Overview of Indian Economic Trends
  • Issues in the Indian Economy
  • Problems and Policies of the Indian Economy
  • Indian Economic Planning

Group – B

Paper B1: Business Regulatory Framework

  • Indian company Law
  • Sales and Goods Act
  • Indian Partnership Act
  • The Indian Contract Act
  • The Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881
  • Consumer Protection Act, 1986
  • Employees Welfare Acts (General Idea)

Paper B2: Cost & Management Accounting

  • Definition of Material Cost
  • Classification of Material Cost
  • Materials Purchase Procedures
  • Different types of stock levels
  • Economic Order Quantity
  • Methods of Pricing of issues of Materials
  • Motor Transport Costing
  • Hotel Costing
  • Single or Output costing etc.

Paper B3: Advanced Accountancy

  • Nature of Accounting
  • Insurance Claims
  • Branch Accounting
  • Valuation
  • Company Final Accounts
  • Introduction to Accounting standards
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Ratio Analysis

Group – C

Paper C1: Business Management

  • Evolution of Management
  • Management and society
  • Planning
  • Organization
  • Staffing
  • Leading
  • Motivation
  • Control

Paper C2: Direct and Indirect Taxation

  • Income Tax Act
  • Sales Act
  • Service Act
  • Central Excise Act

Paper C3: Information Technology and its Applications in Business

  • Fundamentals of computer
  • Date organization and Database management system
  • Date Communication and computer network
  • Introduction to the Internet
  • Security Issues
  • E-Payment
  • Introduction to ERP

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WBPSC Audit and Accounts Service Syllabus – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Exam Pattern for WBPSC Audit and Accounts Service Exam?

The Detailed WBPSC Audit and Accounts Service Exam Pattern is available @ Questionpapersonline.com

What are the Subjects involved in WBPSC Audit and Accounts Service Syllabus?

Check Syllabus from above Post

How Many Questions will be asked in WBPSC Audit and Accounts Service Exam 2022?

A Total of 200 Questions will be asked in WBPSC Audit and Accounts Services Prelims Exam

For How Many Marks the WBPSC Audit and Accounts Service Exam will be conducted?

The WBPSC Audit and Accounts Service Exam will be Conducted for 1200 Marks for both Prelims & Mains

Where can I get the WBPSC Audit and Accounts Service Syllabus PDF?

The WBPSC Audit and Accounts Service Syllabus PDF is available @ Questionpapersonline.com

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