How to Score 10 GPA in 10th Class English Public Exams?

It is a myth that scoring A-1 in English is impossible. With proper preparation, profound reading of the text and habitual reading you can definitely gain excellent grade in English too. Following are some tips for SSC English Public Exams which can be useful for both AP and Telangana SSC Board students.

Reading the text book: Thorough reading of text book covering all the units helps in answering Paper – I. Students should be well – versed with the speaker of the content and the context of all the units. The answers should be short and relevant to the topic.

Hand-writing: Attempt the question paper in a sequence. Neat and legible hand-writing, leaving space between the answers and underlining value points has a positive impact on the evaluator.

Grammar and Vocabulary: This section demands a lot of practice. Brush up basic rules and attempt as many questions as possible and learn from mistakes. Primarily gain clear knowledge in the usage of Verbs, Auxiliary Verbs, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Word Forms.

Creative Writing: This section plays critical part and a very important aspect of the question paper. The language skills are tested. Students should follow the formats religiously. Knowledge of current affairs helps in answering questions on the most recent incidents.

Invitation: Exhibit the context (occasion and purpose). Use right format, layout and design and rhythmic language.

Major Discourses: While attempting these questions, present relevant ideas and information of the person. Consider reflection, thoughts and maintain coherence in the discourse.

Referring to a dictionary: It is mandatory for every student so that they can be aware of every new vocabulary and its correct spelling.

Comprehension Passage: Every paragraph in the passage has a central idea. The student should approach the passage with an ‘open mind’. There is no place for the reader’s own opinions, assumptions and prejudices. The crux of the problem is just to understand the writer’s point of view. Also read the passage quickly!

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