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CBSE Class 10 ELEMENTS OF BUSINESS Important Question Download

CBSE Class 10 ELEMENTS OF BUSINESS Question Papers: CBSE Class 10th Element of Business Study Material & Chapter Wise Question Papers. Here we Provide 10th Class Study Material for All Subjects Telugu, Hindi, English, Element of Business, Physical Element of Business (PS), Biology (NS), and Social Studies. Class 10th Element of Business Important Question 2022. CBSE Class 10 Elements of Business Marking Scheme Question Paper 2022-23. Get Subject Wise Element of Business Study Material and Important questions from here in PDF Format. This study material is helpful for slow learners to practice more and get a good score. Download Element of Business Study Material From Below Links.CBSE Class 10 Elements of Business Sample Paper for the Sake of the Students. CBSE class 10 sample paper for Elements of Business is here for Download.

CBSE Class 10 Element of Business Previous Question Papers With Answers PDF

Name of the BoardCentral Board of Secondary Education
ClassClass 10
SubjectsElement of Business
CategoryCBSE Element of Business Sample Papers


CBSE Sample Paper 2022 Class 10 Element of Business Term 1, Term 2 PDF Download

CBSE Class 10 Element of Business Question PapersClick Here
CBSE Class 10 Element of Business Sample PapersClick Here
CBSE Class 10 Element of Business Question PapersClick Here
CBSE Class 10 Element of Business Sample PapersClick Here

Click Here to Download CBSE Class 10 Element of Business Question Papers



MM – 70                                                                                 TIME: 3 HOURS

General Instructions:

1This question paper contains 30 questions.
2Marks are indicated against each question.
3There are two Case Based Questions (CBQ’s) of three marks each.
4There are two Case Based Questions (CBQ’s) of four marks each.
5Answers should be brief and to the point.



1……………. is the business form in which there is separation of ownership and management.

a.     Sole Proprietorship

b.     Partnership

c.     Company

d.     Hindu Undivided Family








2The holders of………………… enjoy right to vote and right to receive


a.     Preference Share

b.     Retained Earnings

c.     Equity shares

d.     Trade Credit








3Debentures represents…………… of the company.

a.     Fixed capital of the company

b.     Permanent capital of the company

c.     Fluctuating capital of the company

d.     Loan capital of the company







4Which of the following is an internal source of finance?

a.     Bonds

b.     Debentures

c.     Retained earnings

d.     Loan from financial institutions


Which of the following is the permanent source of capital?

a.     Commercial paper

b.     Equity shares

c.     Preference shares

d.     Debentures











5Informal communication is also known              

a.     Grapevine

b.     Lateral

c.     Visual

d.     Horizontal


The full form of e-mail is………………………… :

a.     electric mail

b.       extra mail

c.     extension mail

d.     electronic mail











6Match the correct options of Column I with Column II:


(A) (a)-(iii),(b)-(ii),(c)- (i)           (B) (a)-(ii),(b)-(iii),(c)-(i)

(C) (a)-(ii),(b)-(i), (c)- (ii) (D) (a)-(i),(b)-(iii),(c)-(ii)

7………………………….is not used for making payment.

a.     Debit card

b.     Credit card

c.     Pay –in-slip

d.     Cash





8Invoice is prepared by……………. in case of sale of goods

a.     Buyer                                   c. Borrower

b.     Seller                                   d. Owner



Column IColumn


(a)Companies Act(i)7
(b)Maximum number of members in a private


(c)Minimum number of members in a public limited





9In a credit sale:

a.  Payment is not made by cash , it is made by credit card.

b.  Payment is not made at the time of delivery, it is made later.

c.  Payment is not made by cash, it is made online.

d.  Payment is not made by cash, it is made by cheque.






10Which of the following indicates the correct sequence of the elements of communication in the communication process?

a.     Sender    Receiver  Channel  Message    Feedback

b.     Receiver  Feedback  Sender            Message  Channel

c.     Sender   Channel   Message  Feedback  Receiver

d.     Sender    Message    Channel             Receiver  Feedback








11.A process of communication in which the message is exchanged through letters sent by post is called……………………

a.     Oral Communication

b.     Written communication

c.     Online Communication

d.     Visual Communication

12Railway platform ticketing machines seen in railway stations are the example of…………………

a.     Street stall Holders

b.     Automatic Vending Machine

c.     Speciality shops

d.     Itinerant traders






13‘Reliance Fresh’ store is an example of…………………..

a.     Multiple Shops

b.     General store

c.     Junk dealer shop

d.     Departmental stores



14……………………activities included offering cash discounts, sales contests and free samples to the customers..

a.     Sales Promotions

b.     Personal Selling

c.     Advertising

d.     Publicity


Advertising aims at…………………………..

a.     Product selling                      c. Customer relations

b.     Marketing                              d. Mass Communication











15Which of the following is not the technique of sales promotion which boosts the sale of a product in the short run?

a.     Product combination

b.     Rebate

c.     Publicity

d.     Lucky draw






16…………………….is a large establishment offering a wide variety of products, classified into well defined departments, aimed at satisfying every customer under one roof.

a.      General store

b.     Departmental stores

c.      Mail order Business

d.     Street stall holders








17Define Personal Selling. State any two features of personal selling.3
18Read the following case and answer the question given:

Pankaj wants to start a company and asks his friend Rohit (a businessman) to explain the difference between a private and public company. Rohit told him that ‘a public company is the one which is not a private company’. Pankaj is now more confused than ever before.

Suppose you are Sumit, his Chartered Accountant, state any three differences between Public and Private company, to help Pankaj in understanding the same.






19State any three advantages of email as a means of business communication.


State the role of sender and receiver in the process of communication





20Discuss the concept of sale.


Distinguish between cash sales and credit sales.



21“Automatic Vending Machine is a new and innovative way of direct retailing”. In the light of the statement state the advantages of Automatic Vending Machine. 


22Read the following case and answer the question given:

Sanyam, a N-95 masks producer has decided to expand the production capacity of his factory after the outbreak of the global pendamic of COVID-

19. He decided to modernise the plant and machinery at an estimated cost of

₹ 12 crores. However, he does not have adequate reserves to finance the


expansion process. He approached his, Mr. Aashish, chartered accountant for suggestions on the sources of finance.

Suppose you are Mr Aashish, state any three sources of finance available with Sanyam.





23Read the following case and answer the question given:

Anika ltd. is a company manufacturing school bags for students. Like past few decades of consistent profits earnings, this year too, it has been able to generate enough profits and distribute 70% dividends as there is sufficient availability of cash with the company. Ms Anika Bhardwaj, the chairperson of the group, has received ‘thanks emails’ from a large number of shareholders, for excellent returns on their investments.

Ms. Sumitra is one of such shareholders, who has written to the management for the returns on her investments.

Which type of shares Ms. Sumitra holds? State any three features of such shares.










24Read the following case and answer the question given:

Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, Mr. James the Chairman of James Pharmaceuticals held the Annual General Body Meeting with its shareholders via Video Conferencing. His efforts to get connected to the shareholders were commended by the shareholders to a great extent. Suppose you are is one of such shareholders who is speaking at the Annual General Body Meeting. State any four advantages of Video Conferencing.








25State the various steps involved in the process of selling.4
26Distinguish between Departmental stores and Multiple shops.


Explain any two advantages of retailing through departmental stores.



27Identify and explain the technique of sales promotion in the following cases:-

a.     ‘ 40% extra free with a pack of Hakka Noodle’.

b.     ‘Scratch a card and get a gold coin’ with the purchase of a new car.

c.     A mobile company offers a discount of ₹2500 to clear off excess inventory.

d.     ‘A company offers a pack of ½ kg of salt with the purchase of a 3kg bag of sugar.

e.     Purchase goods worth ₹20000 and get a holiday package of₹ 15000 free’.










Explain the importance of personal selling to a business organization.5
28a.     Explain any three advantages of letters as a method of business communication.

b.     State any two limitations of telephonic conversation as a method of business communication.


Explain the following:-

(a) Written communication              (b) Verbal communication







29Define a Joint Stock company. Explain its features in brief.5
30Discuss in detail the following methods of purchase of goods:-

(a)  Hire Purchase Method

(b)  Instalment Method



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