AP FA1 CBA1 Syllabus 2023-24 (1st-10th Class) PDF

AP FA-1 CBA1 Syllabus 2023 for 1-10th Classes Download FA-I Lessons

AP FA1 CBA1 Syllabus 2023-24 PDF Download: AP Formative Assessment 1 Syllabus for the academic year 2023-24 is now available online. So the candidates who have been looking for AP FA1 Syllabus can download it now. The Officials of the Andhra Pradesh Education Department and AP SCERT have Released the Latest AP FA1 Syllabus 2023-24 on its Official website. So all the Candidates are advised to Download the AP FA1 & FA2 Syllabus for the 6th,7th,8th,9th, and 10th Classes. Here we have uploaded the AP FA1 Syllabus in both Telugu & English Medium.

AP FA1 Syllabus 2023  1st – 5th Class

TELUGUబాలగేయాలు, అమ్మ చిత్రం
* పాఠ్యపుస్తకంలోని పాఠాలకు
అనుబంధంగా సాధనపుస్తకంలోని
సంసిద్ధత (1వ వారం & 2 వ వారం) –
అభినయ గేయాలు.
*పాఠ్యపుస్తకంలోని పాఠాలకు అనుబంధంగా
సాధనపుస్తకంలోని అభ్యాసాలు
తెలుగు తల్లి (సంసిద్ధతా పాఠం)
*పాఠ్యపుస్తకంలోని పాఠాలకు
అనుబంధంగా సాధనపుస్తకంలోని
గాంధీ మహాత్ముడు (సంసిద్ధతా పాఠం)…
*పాఠ్య పుస్తకంలోని పాఠాలకు అనుబంధంగా
సాధన పుస్తకంలోని అభ్యాసాలు
ఏ దేశమేగినా (సంసిద్ధతా పాఠం)
పాఠ్య పుస్తకంలోని పాఠాలకు అనుబంధంగా
సాధన పుస్తకంలోని అభ్యాసాలు
ENGLISHSchool ReadinessClass ReadinessClass ReadinessClass ReadinessClass Readiness
MATHSSchool Readiness
(Big- Small, Biggest – Smallest, Top – Bottom, Inside – Out side)
Class Readiness
( Numbers, Before, After, Between, Tens and ones, Place value, )
Let’s RecallLet’s RecallLet’s Recall
EVS—-——Happy familyFamily
Migration of people
ART-CULTURAL EDUCATIONPosition drawing, Paper cutting, Stick puppets, Slokas.Coloring with crayons and water colours, Paper cuttings, Stick puppet, Decoration, Slokas.2D picture drawing, Paper cuttings, Leather puppetry, Slokas, Jati swaramu.2D picture drawing, Water colors, Shading with pencil, Paper cuttings, Leather puppetry, Slokas, Tandavam.
2D picture drawing, Water colors, Shading with pencil, Paper cuttings, Leather puppetry, Slokas, Keerthanalu.
H E & PHY EDNOur bodyImportance of in our daily lifeFood sourcesSchool cleanness
First aid awareness
GAMESWarming up activitiesWarming up activitiesWarming up activitiesWarming up activities
Warming up activities

Check the Latest AP SCERT 1st – 5th Class July Syllabus 2023

TELUGUఅక్షరగేయాలు, వర్ణమాల, అక్షర
పరిచయం చిత్రాలు, ఆడుకుందాం
వరమాల ఆట
*పాఠ్య పుస్తకంలోని పాఠాలకు
అనుబంధంగా సాధన పుస్తకంలోని
సంసిద్ధత (3 వ వారం నుండి 6 వ వారం
వరకు) అభినయగేయాలు
*పాఠ్య పుస్తకంలోని పాఠాలకు అనుబంధంగా
సాధన పుస్తకంలోని అభ్యాసాలు
మర్యాద చేద్దాం, (సంసిద్ధతా పాఠం)
పాఠ్య పుస్తకంలోని పాఠాలకు అనుబంధంగా
సాధన పుస్తకంలోని అభ్యాసాలు
గోపాల్ తెలివి (సంసిద్ధతా పాఠం)
*పాఠ్య పుస్తకంలోని పాఠాలకు అనుబంధంగా
సాధన పుస్తకంలోని అభ్యాసాలు
సాయం (సంసిద్ధతా పాఠం)
*పాఠ్యపుస్తకంలోని పాఠాలకు అనుబంధంగా
సాధన పుస్తకంలోని అభ్యాసాలు
ENGLISHSchool Readiness
1.1 I am Special
Class Readiness
1A. Welcome to School
Tenali Rama And The ThievesThree Butterflies
Mallika Goes to School!
MATHSSchool Readiness (Near – Far, Rolling – Sliding, Above – Below, Shapes, 3-d Shapes, Before – Between – After)Class readiness,
(Addition, Subtraction, Word problems, Measurements, Money, Shapes.)
Shall we count
Let’s RecallLet’s RecallLet’s Recall
EVS—-——1.Happy Family, 2.Plants around us, 3.Animals around us,1.Family, 2.Green World, 3.Animals Around Us
1.Migration of People, 2.Climate Change, 3.Clothes We Wear
ART-CULTURAL EDUCATIONOrigami, Paper cuttings, Finger, Hand puppets.Different types of clothes, Paper cuttings, Stick puppets, Decoration, Slokas, Pushpanjali.Draw different types of Turbans, Different types of paper cuttings, Leather puppets, Pushpanjali.Draw different types of Ornaments, Leather puppets, Model making, Slokas, Mohana Raga Varnam.
Draw a situation like festival, Plate puppets, Glove puppets, Mohana Raga Varnam, Keertanalu.
H E & PHY EDNBody parts movementsFood hygieneWater borne diseasesFood hygiene
Awarness on our environment
GAMESFundamental movement skillsFundamental movement skillsFundamental movement skillsFundamental movement skills
Fundamental movement skills

AP SCERT 6th-0th Class FA1 Syllabus for June 2023

10th CLASS
TELUGUసంసిద్ధత, అమ్మఒడి
సంసిద్ధత, అక్షరం
ధర్మబోధ, న్యాపతి సుబ్బారావు
మాతృభావన, బాలకాండ
HINDIसन्नद्धता•सन्नद्धतासुब्हदुख का अधिकार, गिल्लू
बरस्ते बदल, शांति की राह में (उपवाचक)
ENGLISHUnit 1 Who Did Patrick’s Homework? … & A House, A Home (Poem)Unit 1 – Three Questions. & The Squirrel
Unit 1 – The Best Christmas Present in the World …& The Ant and the Cricket (Poem)…Unit 1 – The Fun They Had… & The Road Not Taken (Poem)…
Unit 1 – Personality Development: A.Attitude
is Altitude B. Every Success Story Is also a Story of Great Failures
MATHSPre-requisites & Basic Concepts, Knowing Our NumbersPre-requisites & Basic Concepts, IntegersPre-requisites & Basic Concepts, Rational numbersPre-requisites & Basic Concepts, Number systemReal numbers
PHY. SCIENCE————-————-Force and PressureMatter in our surroundingsHeat
Readiness Components of foodClass Readiness Nutrition in PlantsClass readiness
Microorganisms: Friend and Foe
The functional unit of lifeNutrition
Our Earth in the Solar System
Our Earth in the Solar System
Readiness (Geo) Resources
How, When and Where
1.India -Size and Location
India – Relief Features,
The World Between Wars (Part – 1)
O. SANSKRITअक्षरपरिचयम् पूर्वज्ञानपरिशीलनम्अक्षरपरिचयम् पूर्वज्ञानपरिशीलनम् सुभाषितानि – 1पूर्वज्ञानपरिशीलनम्, सादर समीयताम्
पूर्वज्ञानपरिशीलनम्, भगीरथः
पूर्वज्ञानपरिशीलनम्, देशमिहप्रीणीहि
पूर्वानपरिशीलनम्, ध्येयमथिकसाधक
पूर्वज्ञानपरिशीलनम्, हिरण्यकवृत्तान्तः
C. SANSKRITసంసిద్ధత, భాషాంశ, వ్యాకరణాంశ బోధనంసంసిద్ధత, భాషాంశ, వ్యాకరణాంశ బోధనంసంసిద్ధత, భాషాంశ, వ్యాకరణాంశ బోధనంసంసిద్ధత, భాషాంశ, వ్యాకరణాంశ బోధనం
సంసిద్ధత, భాషాంశ, వ్యాకరణాంశ బోధనం
H E & PHY EDNKnowing your bodyWe are growingKnowing mental changesHealth and diseases
Physical education relation with other subjects
YOGASurya namaskaraSurya namaskaraConcentration yama (restraint) niyama (observance)Surya namaskara yama (restraint) niyama (observance)
Yama (restraint) niyama (observance)
GAMESAttention, stand at ease left, right,& about turnsAttention, stand at ease left, right,& about truns – marchingAttention, stand at ease left, right,& about truns -marchingFancy marching guard of honor
Fancy marching guard of honor

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TELUGUసంసిద్ధత, తృప్తి, అమరజీవి పొట్టి శ్రీరాములు, జాతీయ జెండా రూపశిల్పి పింగళి వెంకయ్యసంసిద్ధత, మాయకంబళి, సిరిమానోత్సవం, gunadala మేరీమాత ఉత్సవంమాతృభూమి, శతకసౌరభంచైతన్యం, ఇల్లలకగానే, కొండ వెంకటప్పయ్య,
కాశీనాధుని నాగేశ్వరరావు
జానపదుని జాబు, వెన్నెల, అయోధ్యకాండ
HINDIसन्नद्धता, बरिशज्ञान हम को दीजिए, होशियार कौआतेनालीराम की चतुराई, श्रीहरिकोटापद, एवरेस्ट मेरी शिखर यात्रा
ईदगाह, हम भारत वासी
ENGLISHUnit 2 – How The Dog Found Himself a New Master!………. The Kite (Poem) & A
Tale of Two Birds (SR)……
Unit 2 – A Gift of Chappals… & The Rebel (Poem)…& The Tiny Teacher (SR)….Unit 2 – The Tsunami………………………….. & Geography
Lesson (Poem). & How the Camel got
his Hump (SR)…
Unit 2 – The Sound of Music…. & I. EVELYN GLENNIE: II. BISMILLAH
KHAN… & Wind (Poem) … & The Lost Child (SR)…
Unit 1 – Personality Development : C. I will Do it. Unit 2 – Wit and Humour : A. The Dear Departed (Part I)
MATHSKnowing our Numbers Whole numbers Playing with NumbersIntegers
Fractions and Decimals Data Handling
Rational numbers
Linear equations in one variable
Number system Polynomials
Real numbers, Sets Probability, Statistics
PHY. SCIENCE““`““`Force and Pressure, FrictionMatter in our surroundings; is matter around us pure?
Acids, Bases and Salts, Reflection of Light at Plane Surfaces.
Components of food, Sorting materials into groups, Separation of substancesNutrition in plants, Nutrition in animals
Microorganisms: Friend and FoeThe functional unit of life
Respiration, Transportation
SOCIALGlobe -Model of the Earth, MapsForests
Learning Through Maps
Land, Soil, Water, Natural, Vegetation and Wildlife (Geo)
From Trade to Territory -The Company Establishes Power (His)
The Indian Constitution (Poli)
1. The French Revolution
2. what is Democracy? Why Democracy? 3.The story of village Palampur
Ideas of Development,
The World Between Wars (Part 2)
O. SANSKRITसरलभाषासंस्कृतम्,
गरीयसी, सुभाषितानि – 1
शब्दाः- राम, धातवः – भू
पञ्चशी पञ्चमी
पञ्चनशी नमी, सुभाषितानि – 2
शब्दा : हरि, धातवः- दृशिर्
स्पतविभक्तिश्लोकाः, भगवान् शशाङ्क:
शब्दाः भवत् (पु, नपु), धातवः – दु, अर्च
आवेदनम्, प्रतिमाराधनम्
शब्दाः – भवत् (पुं, नपुं), धातवः दु, अर्च
ानप्रशंसा, विनोदः, शब्दाः मरुत्, वाच्
धातवः- चित्र, शक्र, क्रीडायामानन्दः
नाटकचक्रवर्ती भासः, शब्दाः मरुत्, वाच्
धातवः – चिञ्, शक्र
श्लोकरत्तानि, मेघसन्देशः शब्दाः- गो, वधू,
मिल, इष्, देशभूषी हि भारती,
शकुन्तलापतिगृहप्रस्थानम्, शब्दाः गो, वधू,
धातवः मिल, इष्
C. SANSKRITకూస్తీ హస్తీ హస్తీఅమృతవాణిరక్షత వృక్షాన్సమర్థః కః
లోకహితం మమ కరణీయం
ENV.EDNReducing wastage of food Nutrients in food
Getting to know trees Where do animals live ? Creating your own garden
Knowing some plant diseases Diseases associated with the human digestive system
Fibers obtained from animals Exploring sericulture
Drastic changes in environment disturb well adapted animals
Elixir of life – water
Noise pollution – Preventive measures Global warming
Estimation of particulate pollutants in air
Rain water harvesting
Exploring community craft person
Re use plastic and other waste material Reducing wastage of food
Creating awareness about wastage of water due to negligence
Global warming
Saviours of our environment
Estimation of particulate pollutants in air Vaccination – A shield
Mosquitoes woes
Fossil fuel is not forever
ART-CULTURAL EDUCATIONPosition drawing, Paper cutting, Stick puppets, Slokas.Coloring with crayons and water colours, Paper cuttings, Stick puppet, Decoration,
2D picuture drawing, Paper cuttings, Leather puppetry, Slokas, Jati swaramu.2D picuture drawing, Water colours,
Shading with pencil, Papers cuttings, Leather puppetry, Slokas, Tandavam.
2D picuture drawing, Water colours, Shading with pencil, Paper cuttings, Leather puppetry,
Slokas, Keerthanalu.
H E & PHY EDNBones are importantFundamental skills (individual sports)Food and nutritionGrowing up with confidence
Effects of physical activities on human body
YOGATadasana, VrikshasanaTadasana, HastottanasanaGarudasana, BaddhapadmasanaTadasana, Katichakrasana
Hastottanasana, Padahastasana
GAMESKabaddi / chessKabaddi / chessKabaddi / chessKho -kho / carroms
Kho -kho / carroms

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AP FA 1 Telugu Syllabus 2023-24

6th CLASSసమయస్ఫూర్తి, మన మహానీయులు, తృప్తి, మా కొద్దీ తెల్లదొరతనం
7th CLASSమర్రిచెట్టు, చిన్ని శిశువు, మాయా కంబళి
8th CLASSశతకసౌరభం, నా యాత్ర, వడ్డాది పాపయ్య, మాతృభూమి, శతకసౌరభం,
నేదునూరి గంగాధరం
9th CLASSశివతాండవం, స్వభాష, స్వామి వివేకానంద
10th CLASSశతక మధురిను, మా ప్రయత్నం, వెన్నెల, ధన్యుడు, ఆయోధ్యకాండ

AP FA 1 Hindi Syllabus 

6th CLASSतितली, बारिश
7th CLASSहम नन्हे बच्चे, ईमानदारी का फल, होशियार कौआ, आदिवासी नृत्य – धिंसा
8th CLASSमैं कौन? गीत. कागज़ की थैली, तेनालीराम की चतुराई, श्रीहरिकोटा
9th CLASSप्रकृति की सीख, N.D:- तारे जमीं पर, गानेवाली चिड़िया, बदलें अपनी सोच
10th CLASSलोकगीत, अंतर्राष्ट्रीय स्तर पर हिंदी, ईदगाह, हम भारतवासी,
‘कण-कण का अधिकारी’

AP FA 1 English Syllabus 

6th CLASSLittle Hearts, The Snake
7th CLASSAJourney through Hills and Valleys, The Turning Point
8th CLASSBepin Chowdhury’s Lapse of Memory The Last Bargain, The Tsunami Glimpses of The Past
Macavity; The Mystery Cat
9th CLASSSchool Life, Games, and Sports
10th CLASSHuman Relations, Wit, and Humour

AP FA 1 Maths Syllabus 

6th CLASSWhole Numbers, HCF & LCM, Readiness program
Numbers all around us
7th CLASSFractions & Decimals, Simple Equations, Integers, Fractions & Decimals
8th CLASSUnderstanding Quadrilateral, Linear Equations in one Variable, Ration Numbers, Linear Equations in one Variable
9th CLASSPolynomials and factorization, The Elements of Geometry, Lines and Angles, Real Numbers, Polynomials and Factrisations
10th CLASSPolynomials, Similar Triangles, Statistics, Polynomials

AP FA 1 General Science Syllabus 

6th CLASSAnimal Food; Water, The Food We Need; Knowing About Plants
7th CLASSNature of substances Nutrition in organisms Respiration and circulation, Food For Health; Nature of Substances

AP FA 1 Physics Syllabus 

8th CLASSCoal and Petroleum, Friction
9th CLASSIs Matter Pure Atoms and Molecules, Laws of Motion
10th CLASSHuman Eye and Colourful World, Refraction of Light at Plane Surfaces Refraction of Light at Curved Surfaces

AP FA 1 Biology Syllabus 

8th CLASSMicro-organisms; Friend and Foe, Crop Production and Management
9th CLASSPlant Tissues; Animal Tissues, Cell –Its Structure And Function; Plant Tissues
10th CLASSExcretion; Co-ordination, Respiration; Transportation

AP FA 1 Social Syllabus 

6th CLASSLandforms- Andhra Pradesh; Early Life to Settle Life, Globe -Model of the Earth, Maps
7th CLASSDelhi Sultanate Kakatiya Kingdom, Forests
Learning Through Maps
8th CLASSMineral and Power Resources ;
Tribals, Dikus and the Vision of GoldenAge;
Why do we need a Parliament?; Understanding Laws “, Land, Soil, Water, Natural, Vegetation and Wildlife; Trade to Territory; The Company Establishes Power; Ruling tge Countryside; Understanding Secularism
9th CLASSDemocratic and Nationalist Revolution; 17th & 18th Centuries, Hydroshere; Atmosphere, Changing Cultural Tradition in Europe 1300-1800; The Natural Realms of the Earth; Democratic and Nationalist
Revolution: 17th & 18th Centuries
10th CLASSProduction and Employment
National Liberation movements in colonies., Ideas of development
The world between Wars ( Part -2)

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AP FA 2 Telugu Syllabus 

1st Classమేలుకొలుపు, ఉడతా ఉడతా హూచ్, తకదిమితో, అరక
2nd Classపూచిన పూలు,
పరుగు పందెం.
3rd Classనా బాల్యం, పొడుపు విడుపు,
మేమే మేకపిల్ల
4th Classపరివర్తన,సత్యమహిమ, ముగ్గులో సంక్రాంతి
5th Classజయగీతం,
ఒక జానపద కళపెన్నేటి పాట.
6th Class1.మాకొద్దీ తెల్ల దొరతనం
2. సమయస్ఫూర్తి.
7th Class1.చిన్ని శిశువు
2. మర్రిచెట్టు.
8th Classనీతి పరిమళాలు
అజంతా చిత్రాలు
9th Class1. ప్రేరణ
2. పద్యరత్నాలు
10th Class1.ధన్యుడు
2. శతక మధురిమ.
3. బాలకాండ

AP FA 2 Hindi Syllabus 

6th Class1. बारिश 2. तितली 3. ऊंट चला
7th Class1.होशियार कौआ 2. आदिवासी धिंसा 3.नन्हे बच्चे
8th Class1. राजा बदल गया 2. प्यारा गांव 3. कौना
9th Class1.गानेवाली चिड़िया 2. बदलें अपनी सोच 3. तारे जमीं पर (उपवाचक)
10th Class1. ईदगाह 2. हम भारतवासी 3. शांति की राह में (उपवाचाक)

AP FA 2 English Syllabus

1st ClassUnit-2 MY FAMILY

Unit-3 Actions &Fun

2nd ClassUnit-2 I AND MY HOME


3rd ClassThe Loyal mongoose, Help me  please,

The good Samaritan.

4th ClassMajor Dhyan Chand, A trip of Memories, Swami Vivekananda.
5th ClassMy sweet memories, are The Necklace, Kalam with Children.
6th ClassUnit 2 and 3
7th ClassUnit 3 and 4
8th ClassUnit – III Humanity

A.Reading – The Selfish Giant part– 1

B.Reading – The Selfish Giant part– 2

C. Reading – The Garden Within

9th ClassUnit 2. Sports and games

A. Reading. True Height, B Reading. What is a player?, C.Reading.


10th ClassUnit 2. The dear departed 1 and 2, The Brave Potter. (Wit and Humour)

Unit 3. The Journey, Once upon a time, What is my name?(Human Relations)

AP FA 2 Maths Syllabus

1st ClassAdditions, Subtractions
2nd Class1. Let Us Add

2. How much I left

3. Playing with numbers

3rd ClassNumbers, Addition, Subtraction.
4th ClassLarge numbers, Addition, Subtraction.
5th ClassAdditions_Subtra ctions, Multiplication and Divisions, Multiples and Factors.
6th Class1. Whole Numbers 2.HCF&LCM 3.Integers
7th Class1. Fractions and Decimals 2.Simple Equations 3.Lines and Angles
8th Class
  1. Exponents and Powers
  2. Construction of quadrilaterals
9th Class1.The Elements Of Geometry 2.Coordinate Geometry 3.Statistics
10th ClassStatistics, Polynomials, Probability

AP FA 2 General Science Syllabus 

6th Class
  • Knowing About Plants
  • Animals and their food
7th Class1. Nature of substances, 2. Nutrition in Organisms

AP FA 2 Physics Syllabus 

8th Class
  • Matter Around Us
  • Friction
  • Synthetic Fibres and Plastics
9th Class
  • Is Matter Pure
  • Laws of Motion
  • Atoms and Molecules
10th Class
  • Acids, Bases and Salts
  • Structure of Atom
  • Refraction of Light at Plane Surfaces

AP FA 2 Biology Syllabus 

8th Class
  1. Cell -The Basic unit of life.
  2. Story of Micro Organisms-1
  3. Story of Micro Organisms-2
9th Class1. Animal Tissues 2. Plant Tissues
10th ClassRespiration & Transportation

AP FA 2 Social Syllabus

6th ClassGlobe, Maps
7th ClassLearning through maps Kakathiya kingdom
8th Class
  • Energy from the Sun
  • National movement
9th ClassHydrosphere, Changing cultural traditions in Europe
10th ClassProduction and Employment,The climate of India

The world between 1900 and 1950

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